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September Song

“He makes me laugh,” my old college roommate said when she called to say she’s getting married next week. Divorced five years ago, after a 45-year miserable marriage, I’m amazed Molly is optimistic enough to consider a second marriage. She believes Heavenly Father is finally blessing her—and all I can say is, “It’s about time!”

But I am interested in her description of “Mr. Right”—“He makes me laugh.” That may not be the best criteria for a young woman choosing a first husband—qualities like intelligence, ability to make a living, potential for being a good father, and for remaining a faithful husband interest younger women. And those are all valid, practical matters. But some of these qualities are moot for seniors. Life for seniors involves all kinds of problems not encountered in youth—aging bodies, grown children with problems we can’t solve, aged parents, and a shortened future. Not a lot to laugh about. And a lot of seniors quit laughing.

That’s why I’m so happy for Molly. Life is short. Sharing it with someone who makes you laugh is worth a lot. And honeymooning with a 72-year-old man with a Viagra prescription might take humor to new heights.


Comments on: "September Song" (4)

  1. As a youth and among all my old single adult woman friends “makes me laugh” was the #1 desirable quality in a man. I’ve thought for awhile that because the person most likely to kill or injure a woman is her intimate male partner, that ‘makes me laugh’ isn’t really about humor or having a good time. The men most threatened by a laughing woman are exactly the most dangerous men. If a man likes a woman’s laughter enough to try to create it (and not particularly mind being laughed at) then he is, theoretically, not that dangerous sort of man. In other words I think “makes me laugh” is code for “Not going to kill/beat/control me.” The trouble is that it’s not as reliable an indicator as we would like.

  2. Oh, gosh. Can’t help but wish them happiness. That’s what’s fun about life, opportunities for second, or more, chances.

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