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United We Stoop

Nothing unites people more than hatred and fear. The dying Henry IV recognized this when he counseled Prince Hal (at least in Shakespeare’s version of history) to unify the country in his support by declaring war on France. I like the concept of national unity and I am willing to do my part by hating both Republican and Democratic politicians equally. I guess that qualifies me to join the Tea Party.

I think their idea of smaller government and lower taxes is excellent—so long as I can keep my Social Security and Medicare. I also like government supported roads, bridges, and dams. And I want to keep police and fire protection. I don’t want to jettison public schools for private because I want all American children to be educated well enough to keep the economy rolling and my monthly checks coming.

I also enjoy visiting state and national parks, so I want them funded. I like to fly, so public airports and air traffic controllers also make my Do Not Cut list. Criminals need to be caught and locked up, so prisons, courts, and the FBI all need to be included in the budget. I know it doesn’t work as well as it should, but I rely on the FDA to monitor foods and drugs I use. Border patrols and drug enforcement officers also need to be paid.

I can’t see letting children go without food or medical treatment even though it’s their parents’ responsibility to provide it, so don’t cut SCHIPS and food stamps. Some of my neighbors work at Hill Field in Utah. Cutting defense jobs would hurt them, so that’s out.

With all these priorities, how would I cut government and taxes? I guess the only thing we could really cut and not miss is—Congress.

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  1. The big problem is that the discretionary spending part of the federal government is so small … compared to everything else. It is interesting that every democracy right now has run itself into a place where it is trying to spend more than it has and where debt service is a significant portion of the budget and the economy.

    Which creates problems.

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