An Insider's Look at Mormon Culture

George and I like moves—especially the planning—although the actual process can be pretty wearing. Relocating has broadened our world far beyond the world of our parents who spent their lives in the same neighborhood. Granted, we’ve not had the in-depth friendships that take years to develop, but we’ve met more people, tried more jobs, and probably antagonized fewer neighbors by not overstaying our welcome.

Getting unstuck from places is easier than getting unstuck from unskillful behavior—behavior that doesn’t get us what we want.  Comfort, if not contentment, comes from always reacting the same way. For years I’ve played unskillful games including the Blame Game, “If only George would/wouldn’t. . .” the Guilt Game, “If only I had/hadn’t . . . “ the Please Boost My Self-esteem Game, “I really did that well, didn’t I?” and the I Know Best Game, “Well, I think you should . . . .”

These games are actually pretty fun or I wouldn’t do them, but they’re really not where I want to spend my life. Spinning my wheels in the same old rut is not providing me with more useful skills—and I’m too tired to move again—so I’m seeking new perspectives to get me unstuck. Even in a relatively homogenous state like Utah, a smorgasbord of different cultures, philosophies, and religious ideas exists. Getting unstuck without the hassle of selling and packing may be the best game of all.


Comments on: "Please Help Me, I’m Stuck" (1)

  1. I wish you tons of luck and perseverance. I’m ready to move.

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