An Insider's Look at Mormon Culture

Rumor has it that President Obama does not attend church regularly, his reason being that his presence is too disruptive. What a great excuse for getting out of going to church. I will certainly use that one in the unlikely event that I become president.

A blogger has speculated about Mitt Romney’s dilemma of trying to attend his LDS ward in the also unlikely event that he becomes president. Since Mitt is a devout Mormon, he does not have the option of staying home and reading the newspaper in his pajamas on Sundays. But his home ward would certainly have to make accommodations. And so would the government. I imagine all his Secret Service bodyguards would have to be LDS. No non-Mormon would sit through three hours of our meetings every Sunday for any amount of pay. Would the Secret Service would also have to prepare the sacrament bread and water and pass it to the First Family? Or would it be safe enough if they provided the bread and water and supervised the teachers’ and priests’ preparations?

Would metal detectors be installed at the entry to the President’s ward building? And what about Home Teaching? I suppose the Pres would be excused from serving as a HT, but how would the HTs assigned to his family ever schedule their visits? Maybe on Air Force One?

Does the White House have adequate space for the Romney’s food storage? And would they have to employ temple recommend holders to do the family laundry?

These are quite fascinating questions, but before I sign up to work for the Romney campaign (I just know one is coming), I need an answer to this question: Would a Romney presidency impact the church positively or negatively?


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