An Insider's Look at Mormon Culture

The Restoration

Lesson 17, “The Church of Jesus Christ Today,” in the Priesthood/Relief Society manual teaches that:

“A prophet, acting under the direction of the Lord, leads the Church. This prophet is also the President of the Church. . . Two counselors assist the President. . . .Twelve Apostles, who are special witnesses of the name of Jesus Christ, teach the gospel and regulate the affairs of the Church in all parts of the world. . . . A stake president and his two counselors preside over each stake. . . . A bishop and his two counselors preside over each ward.”

If most adult members of the church haven’t grasped the basic organizational structure of the church over the years, is there any reason to believe that a Relief Society or Priesthood lesson telling them that stakes have presidents and wards have bishops with two counselors will do the trick?

The Gospel Principles book used as the current lesson manual was written over 30 years ago for investigators and new converts. Quite possibly the overly basic information and condescending tone of this manual bear some responsibility for the low retention rate of new converts.

I’m ready for a restoration back to the era when auxiliaries wrote their own lesson manuals. General officers responsible for working with Relief Society sisters, Young Women, Young Men, or Primary children understand the needs of their charges and are more capable of creating relevant lessons to meet their needs than a nameless, faceless group of mostly men who recycle decades-old lessons for everyone. I say it’s time to abolish the Curriculum Development Committee. If they won’t go quietly, they should be excommunicated.

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