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You’ve Got Mail

When I scooped a pile of recyclables from our mailbox yesterday, a letter to our next door neighbor was included. “Must be a new mail carrier,” I thought. But under that letter was a Victoria’s Secret catalog and that puzzled me. I couldn’t really imagine the wife next door who struggles with a tight budget, five kids and 40 extra pounds from her last pregnancy ordering lacey things from VS.

I turned the catalog over and read the name—our cute, trim bishop’s wife who lives around the corner. When we got through laughing, George said, “No wonder the bishop always has a smile on his face!”

But now I’m faced with a dilemma. Do I return the catalog and possibly embarrass Mrs. Bishop? Do I toss it, figuring she can go online to order if she needs something the Distribution Center doesn’t stock? Or do I keep it, just in case I need a favor down the road?


Comments on: "You’ve Got Mail" (2)

  1. Two of Three said:

    Ha! She’s little spunkier than you thought! I’d return it with a big knowing smile!

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