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Is It Me?

George and I had lunch this week with old friends, Laff and Slandra Lott. We’ve enjoyed this couple for years and had a lot of laughs together—until Slandra retired and filled her leisure hours with Talk Radio.  At first I didn’t take Slandra seriously. When she told me she hoped Sarah Palin would get the Republican presidential nomination, I made a smart remark about Palin’s great intellectual prowess—then noticed the look on Slandra’s face and backpedaled. I value our years of friendship, but it’s getting hard not to offend—or be offended.

Between get-togethers, Slandra forwards dozens of right-wing e-mails—containing such informative tidbits as photos of a sign supposedly in Kenya announcing the site of Obama’s birth. She forwarded an e-mail with a cartoon figure of Obama showing him half white and half black with the caption, “I don’t like his white half, either,” and defended it as an effort to get people to think.

After agreeing to lunch with our friends, I bet George that Slandra would turn the conversation to the latest anti-Obama, anti-environmental, anti-immigration topic within 20 minutes. I also bet him that I would violate my vow not to respond in kind within 30 seconds. Saintly haloes do not fit the likes of me.

A quote attributed to Soren Kierkgaard sums up the situation: “People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”

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  1. harpchil said:

    I feel your pain. Except in my case, the one filling his waking hours with right-wing talk radio is my father. I’m still trying to come up with ways to steer the conversation into less contentious topics, but it’s reached the point where I dread seeing his name on my caller ID. Very sad.

  2. We just saw our first 2012 bumper sticker tonight. It read PALIN/Romney 2012. When did THAT happen? It’s on our neighbor’s car so I’m going to have to endure (laugh at) that sticker for quite a while. It replaced an old McCain/Palin sticker.

    I’ve been helping my SIL and BIL move back to Utah. While in AZ packing their home I had to sleep on a bed with Palin and Glenn Beck in the bookcase headboard. Whoa. Nightmares. Ugh.

    • Too funny! Of all the things I find hard to imagine, a Palin/Romney ticket tops the list. Romney would alienate evangelicals and Palin would alienate the business community. Could be a dream come true for the Democrats.

  3. Doesn’t everyone have a person like this in their circle of friends or family?

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