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Conversion Story

As of last week, George and I are registered Republicans. It
wasn’t a huge change for us. We were never good Democrats. We only registered
as Democrats because we thought there ought to be two in Davis County, Utah. In
2010 we had signs for candidates from both parties on our lawn—not that it
helped either of them. We have no prestige with our neighbors. Our lack of
regular church attendance has convinced most of them that we are members of the
evil party.

The main reason we changed our party affiliation is that
we’re tired of being disenfranchised. In Utah the November elections are a fait accompli. The final election occurs
at the June Primaries—and Republicans restrict their ballot to members of the
true faith.

My voting habits will not change. I will still refuse to
support candidates who weep for the sanctity of the Constitution while
advocating repeal of the 14th and 17th amendments. I will
not vote for state legislators who show up at the state capitol with Glocks
strapped to their sides. I will not support candidates who use the slogan, “We’re
going to take our country back.” I will support candidates who offer money as
well as rhetoric to support public education.

Probably the biggest advantage to my change of registration
is that from now on we’ll get calls from Republicans instead of Democrats. It
will be far easier to turn down their requests for donations.

Comments on: "Conversion Story" (2)

  1. I registered as a Republican a few years ago. My reason was similar to yours, I wanted to have at least some voice in who would represent me at the state level. I. Am. A. Democrat.

    • Numi,
      Be careful. I understand the Patrick Henry Caucus wants to limit participation to Republicans who pass a test for redness–or who have been Republicans for ten years or more. Very democratic of them to want to limit citizenship participation to a few with true views.

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