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O Brother!

Just when I think my brother Dooby’s political views can’t get any more extreme, he sends me a link to a WSJ article accusing the Dalai Lama of being a Marxist. Dooby also added that DL is a Darwinist although the article’s author drew the line at making that statement.

Dooby has been agnostic, even atheist, since he decided at an early age that the real purpose of Mormonism was to prevent him from having fun. Dooby did the mandatory hippy stuff during the ‘60s, but has since switched politically from the extreme left to the extreme right. I have learned to ignore his attempts to lure me into a political argument, which gets harder as his views on what is “liberal” keep expanding.

I failed to recognize he was setting me up when he asked my opinion on intelligent design. My comment that intelligent design theory was a philosophical rather than a scientific concept and didn’t belong in public school science curriculum drew some sharp attacks on my own intelligence—or lack thereof. Dooby’s fervor for intelligent design makes me wonder if his next step will be joining a fundamentalist Christian group.

Generally, I don’t open the articles Dooby sends me, but I couldn’t resist a topic line linking the DL with Marxism. The article quoted the DL saying he’d favored Marxism in his youth, hoping the concept of equal distribution of wealth would benefit the poor in Tibet.

Of course, to anyone believing that Communism is a Satan-inspired plot rather than a failed socio/economic system, any positive statement about Marxism is pure evil. From that perspective, the DL’s statement qualifies him as the anti-Christ.

I will not respond to this article, but I am wondering how Dooby’s wife, a practicing Zen Buddhist, views his current take on the DL. Fortunately, she has meditation to help her cope with my mercurial, self-identified Conservative, but occasional pot-smoking brother.

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