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Younger Than I Look

A recent Salt Lake Trib article quotes from a new book by David Kinnaman, You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church . . . and Rethinking Faith. After five years of research, Kinnaman concludes the six main reasons why 59% of young Christians stop attending church are: 1) Their churches demonize “everything outside the church,” 2) “Church is boring,” 3) Churches “are out of step with the scientific world,” 4) Churches judge sexual mistakes too harshly, 5) Churches are “afraid of the beliefs of other faiths,” and 6) Churches are unfriendly to doubters.

Many churches are replacing traditional music with Christian rock, scheduling services for Sunday evenings, and serving coffee before, during, and after in an effort to lure the 20s and 30s group back. While I’m definitely not a member of the “lost generation,” my attitude toward church attendance is pretty youthful. And I’m afraid it will take more than replacing the organ and dragging hymns with a bass guitar and drums or turning the lace -covered table in the Relief Society room into a coffee bar to lure me back to my ward. I prefer spending Sundays where I don’t encounter the six issues Kinnaman’s research identified as main reasons young people stop attending church.


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  1. Wow I think he’s spot on. all those reasons are on my list anyway.

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