An Insider's Look at Mormon Culture


A recent poll shows a vast majority of American voters believe their president needs to believe in God. Apparently most Americans equate wisdom and morality with belief in God—a Christian version of God, of course. A candidate known to pray to Allah, the Goddess, or the Great Unknown would likely lose to Bernie Madoff in an American election—assuming, of course, that convicted felons are allowed to run for president.

Speaking of convicted felons, I taught at Utah State Prison for five years and found that most of the inmates believed in God—but I wouldn’t have wanted any of them for president.

Apparently, most American don’t recall much about history—even recent history. The two most overtly religious presidents within the last 40 years were Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush—neither of whom had a stellar presidency. And the economy soared under that commandment-breaking rascal, Bill Clinton.

Maybe God doesn’t reward our country based on our president’s religious beliefs. Maybe God feels we get what we deserve if we choose a leader based on his or her professed religious devotion rather than leadership qualities and record of accomplishment.

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