An Insider's Look at Mormon Culture

Finding Our Own Depth

Today’s post is from guest, Dorothy Guinn. Dorothy comes from a long line of word junkies and appreciates anyone’s willingness to listen to the ramblings of her heart and soul. Considering herself a convert who was born in the covenant, she is a self-proclaimed Zen-Baptist-Mormon.  After a brief stint on the dark-side during her teen/early adult years, she discovered that she and her mom could go to the same church and have completely different religions.  Married for 25 years to the man who saw through the lies of the dark-side, she is now a home-schooling mom, a successful energy healer, public speaker and writer who occasionally has to use sticky notes to remember to GO outside instead of just look at it through the windows.

A friend of mine recently pointed out that those of us striking out to find more than Church meetings offer often feel we are somehow backsliding because we no longer match what is commonly accepted by mainstream Mormons. Yet, we find the Spirit showing up in stronger and more powerful ways than ever before, which contradicts the idea that we are apostatizing.

She then gave the analogy of a father teaching a child to ride a bike. In time, the father lets go of the bike but is still standing right there, ready. That is what is happening. God is trusting us to experiment and try our agency at another level. He already told us it would happen when He told us it was inappropriate to be “commanded in all things.”

 When we leave the slothful, welfare-state lifestyle of being spiritually fed and turn instead to feasting and feeding ourselves, we progress more and more and need less and less commanding. God doesn’t abandon us, but does give us more room to grow and practice eternal progression.

After watching Sheri Dew years ago and then reading her book “No Doubt About It” based largely on the talk she gave at Women’s Conference I came up with my theory which I call the “Celestial S.E.O.P.”

In my neck of Utah the school system has a yearly planning session with students called the Student Educational Occupational Plan (SEOP) where teachers attempt to inspire kids to figure out who/what they want to be when they grow up and match their educational goals accordingly. It occurred to me that if God took the time to remind Moses, Abraham, Nephi, Joseph Smith and others about the Big Picture and their parts in it, probably each of us got a turn to hang out with our Heavenly Parents and discuss, Who do I want to be when I grow up?”

I believe we had a tremendous amount of input regarding our earthly circumstances and the preparations we made prior to our arrival. I think we were rather naive in some of our expectations and ideas as to how well we would pull all of this off–rather like high school graduates getting ready to go out on their own or off to college.

Why do I feel so confident about this? Because the main point is for us to inherit the Family Business—to be able to create spirit beings and worlds without number. It seems crazy to me that God would create a plan for us to be like Him and not put together some sort of apprenticeship program to train us, so we don’t run the family business into the ground. Those of us who are here, managed our first big project rather well— we kept our first estate.

So the life mission we are struggling so hard to figure out, is something we already chose—for the most part. Our Father/CEO still knows what we asked for and gives us bits and pieces of remembering, validation and spiritual nudging to encourage us to continue.

I also believe that “God” is more like a last name; Father God, Mother God, The Son, Jesus Christ God and our Cousin, Holy Ghost God. Incidentally, it is our last name as well, but we are still in short pants, as it were, and do not use it yet–it would be like forging checks with your dad’s name on them.

To sum up: We need to step up. We need to be “agents unto ourselves” and find our own depth because it simply is not available in a global church that has to be the foundation from which ALL people spring-board into their own eternal destiny. Truth may be narrow, but it is crazy-deep! 




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