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Fear Strikes Again

My brother Dooby has become a Ron Paul fan—including Paul’s “Return to the gold standard” position. Dooby is not investing in gold, however. He’s convinced that when the currency system fails and the nation is forced to return to the gold standard, the government will put a 90% tax on any gold or gold stocks being held by Americans to punish those wise enough to foresee the looming disaster.

I generally laugh off Dooby’s conspiracy theories. I told him our plans for an upcoming economic crash are to plow up the front yard and plant potatoes.

 “Do you have a shotgun to keep your neighbors from coming over and stealing them at night?”

My brother expects me to shoot hungry neighbors foraging in my yard? Dooby is currently taking instruction in Catholicism. So far, I guess his classes haven’t hit the Catholic admonition to feed and bless the needy .

I’ve noticed that people who worry about government conspiracies also suspect their neighbors of lying in wait to take from them. I could understand it if all conspiracy theorists were atheists, but many are religious followers. Apparently, even devout Christians don’t always have the necessary faith to live peacefully in an insecure world.


Comments on: "Fear Strikes Again" (2)

  1. Isn’t all religion based on fear?

    But seriously, I hope you invite me over for funeral potatoes.

    • I think most religions are based on fear–or at least the desire for a life after death.
      I don’t know about funeral potatoes. We can grow the potatoes, but I’m not willing to milk a cow so we can have cheese and sour cream.

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