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Out of Touch Leaders

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  1. Why do you think people have a hard time saying “no”? I’ve gotten used to it, but I have a very odd job that makes it easy. Why is saying, “I just can’t do it right now” so frowned upon in Mormon circles?

    • Joseph Abraham,

      It’s pretty hard to say no at Church because we’re repeatedly told that Church service is serving God and that nothing except our families should take precedence. We pay lip service to putting families first, but in my experience, family time isn’t seen as a valid excuse for saying no at Church, either. I wish I knew why we put so much pressure on ourselves–I suspect it starts at the top and filters down.

      • Have you read Max Weber? We seem to have fallen into the “Protestant Ethic” trap. I think that people are inspired, but I think the direct “Here is what I want you to do…” revelation is rare at best. That leaves things to be more tentative and questioning.

        That’s my opinion, at least, which is why when someone came to me with a calling that was idiotic to the point of imbicility, I’ve had no problem saying no. If revelation is responsible for a calling, then revelation would be equally at play in determining when to accept. This would be a dual check on revelatory certainty.

        This is my opinion, at least, but I find myself in the minority. I am about to move again, and I will be in a situation where I cannot deal with much else on my plate. I can do some callings without effort, Sunday School for example, but not others.

      • Joseph Abraham,

        I haven’t read Weber’s book on Protestant Ethics, but I do see a connection between “volunteer” cleaning of meetinghouses and the desire for financial increase. If the money saved from outsourcing maintenance on buildings went toward reducing members’ financial obligations to the Church or on programs for aiding the needy, I would feel differently.

        Unfortunately, too many members cannot trust their own personal revelation when it doesn’t accord with what a Church leader demands.

        Good luck in turning down callings in your new ward!

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