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Mormon Values and Politics

Mormons who are convinced the Republican party has values that mirror those of their Church, should take a look at this analysis  of official Church statements on the issues of: The ideal society, giving to the poor, abortion, marriage, immigration, and freedom of religion.

Of course, legitimate differences of opinion exist within the Church on how to interpret scriptures and the statements of leaders. Certainly, each member has a right and responsibility to make his own decisions on these issues.

Too often, however, Mormons automatically assume the Republican Party reflects Church values on every issue. For example, I’ve met many Mormons who believe the Republican Party stance on abortion is identical to that of the Church.       Not true. The current Republican Platform does not permit abortions to protect the life and health of the mother, for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, or for a severely impaired fetus that will likely not survive birth. These are all exceptions the LDS Church considers valid.

A person who wants her vote to reflect her religious values should do the research and be aware of what her church teaches and how well candidates’ rhetoric matches those teachings.

Comments on: "Mormon Values and Politics" (2)

  1. graceforgrace said:

    The author of that article brings up some thought provoking things and I can see how one could lean democrat on certain issues and be Mormon still. However, one of the big things in Mormonism is freeagency. In that article, he discusses the government’s involvment of redistribution of wealth. That takes away our freedom to choose to give our money, which violates LDS principles of freeagency.

    • graceforgrace

      I’m not sure what your definition of redistribution of wealth is. Are you in favor of no taxes at all and voluntary contributions to fund services like police and fire protection or to build roads and maintain schools, roads, and parks?

      Do you believe all social programs to help the needy should be on a voluntary basis? Is it redistribution of wealth of assist wounded veterans with their medical needs? To help the handicapped who cannot help themselves? To help children?

      I think the author of the piece I linked points out how little most people voluntarily give to help others. Is their any modern culture that takes care of all their needy by voluntary donations?

      I agree that freedom is an important value, but I do wonder how much agency the truly poor and handicapped have to improve their lives without help. Withholding that help could be interpreted as denying them agency.

      I appreciate your comment. The issue of personal and community responsibility is complex and worth discussing.

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