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NPR Does It Again

American inventiveness outdoes itself at providing terms for the part of our anatomy on which we sit. Buttocks are called everything from “butt,” “bum,” “booty,” “buns,” “rear end”, “hind quarters”, and the near onomatopoeia of “rump” to the cruder term “ass.” A lot of terms with varied shades of meaning for that part of the body.

I thought I knew all the slang terms, but listening to NPR last week increased my vocabulary by introducing the term “badonkadonk.” The program on which I learned my word of the day featured a woman who produces short videos on teaching Chinese speakers English. She said the kids love it when she includes cool terms in her lessons.

Badonkadonk kind of rolls of the tongue and I planned to use it to impress my grandchildren. I mean, Granny would like to be cool, too. Just to be on the safe side, I Googled the word and learned it’s an ebonic expression meaning a curvy female behind. Google linked me to a Trace Adkin’s song, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk  which is hilarious, but gave me pause. My daughter is pretty strict. I think I will not corrupt my grandchildren with my expanded vocabulary—even if I did learn it on NPR.

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