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American Decadence

We’re boarding our dog at a dog park this week while we take a short trip. Although she’s an outside dog and our daughter, Aroo, would come over and feed her every day, we can no longer leave Pita. She has become terrified of fireworks and thunder. If we’re not home to let her in the house when she hears a boom, she goes nuts and will do anything to get through our four-foot picket fence. George strung chicken wire alongside the plastic pickets so she couldn’t push them aside and get through. The next day, a peal of thunder caused Pita to tear the wire out with her teeth and escape. George replaced the chicken wire with sturdier 4 inch square wire. That night a neighbor kid lit a string of firecrackers and Pita used the wire for a ladder to climb up and over the top of the pickets. George put plastic lattice work up, and she chewed through that during the next storm. No, this dog cannot be left alone.

We’ve tried boarding her in a traditional kennel with a 3 by 7 cage and dozens of unhappy dogs barking all the time and find Pita gets so nervous that she chews patches of fur off her legs. For this trip, we checked out a new dog park. And this place is posh. The playground features plastic slides, blocks, tunnels, and a wading pool. The lounge sports leather furniture, mounds of cushions and pillows, and a large-screen TV playing doggy films. I only wish we were staying in a motel as nice as Pita’s.

I told our son, Techie, about the luxury Pita will enjoy and he said, “You know, I think Osama bin Laden had a point.”

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