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And They Lived Happily Ever After

I don’t think R-rated movies damage kids nearly as much as fairy-tale romances portrayed in books and film. For example:  Mr. Darcy’s sad life of wealth and ease is enriched when he woos and wins the saucy Elizabeth Bennett—and rescues her from a future life of poverty. A prostitute (who looks like Julia Roberts) finds happiness with a john who turns out to be a lonely, well-heeled businessman (and looks like Richard Gere).

Americans grow up with the idea that finding the right person is the secret to a happy life. Still, very few paragons of perfections are available to choose as marriage partners. Most of us have to make do.

Terrell Dougan, in a wise and witty piece on Huffington Post, details how she perfected her husband. Find it here. It’s worth a read whether you married your dream mate or not.



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