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Saving the World with “Love You. Good-bye”

Statistics revealing world population at 6.8 billion and increasing by 220,000 each day scare me. Clearly, the world is already crowded with increasingly fierce competition for finite supplies of fuel and water. Adding ever more people is likely to make the human race even more testy and trigger happy. And I, for one, have an aversion to war and violence as a means of population control.

For several years I’ve pondered whether governments will eventually be forced to make unpopular decisions such as sneaking birth control meds into municipal water supplies. For a while, I had hopes that mandatory sex ed in US schools would turn American teens off sex the way education turns them off history, math and other subjects. So far, that hasn’t occurred.

Now hope for a solution to the population explosion appears from an unexpected source. LDS Relief Society President Julie Beck assuaged my fears in a recent address to CES faculty. According to Pres. Beck, LDS youth are reluctant to marry and have children because they don’t know how to form lasting relationships. So much of their young lives has been spent connected to iPhones and video games that they have not learned to communicate with and bond to real human beings.

Just think! Those omnipresent devices people use to block out the real human beings around them may save the planet.  Thank you Steve Jobs. You and your cohorts have saved the human race from extinction by over-breeding.

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