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Missing the Rapture

George and I received two phone calls Saturday to see if
we’d been raptured. We were flattered that anyone, especially relatives,
thought we’d be candidates.

Instead of being taken up to Heaven, I spent Saturday
morning at a League of Women Voters meeting. I learned that one elementary
school in Salt Lake City has 400 homeless students. The family shelter is
filled, and state budget deficits and spending cuts leave no funds for building
a second family shelter. Currently, excess families are housed in the regular
shelter at night—but must leave in the morning—like Will Smith and son in the
movie, Happyness.

The principal of this school has set up cots in a small room
for kids from the regular shelter who get sick at school. She can’t send these
sick kids home because they aren’t allowed inside the shelter during the day.
This year the legislature cut funding for summer school programs, so these
homeless kids will be on the streets all day all summer.

We Utahns should be grateful last Saturday was not the Day
of Judgment. I can’t believe God will hold us guiltless when we refuse to
increase taxes slightly in order to provide for defenseless children.

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